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Autistics and the Stockholm-Syndrom

Humans need to be treated humanely. If that┬┤s not given, they tend to pretend as though it would. A special relationship logically exists to persons, who influence the own life. Occasionally, that goes as well for those who do something with us which really isn┬┤t appealing to us. Be it hostage-taker, hopelessly retrograde therapists or parents.

Unaffected persons, to whom just their infringements of rights are revealed, doesn┬┤t realise, that even the greatest criminal has his human aspects, which maybe partly can be likeable as well. The victim is in certain circumstances interpersonally close to the perpetrator, is searching security and a human role model.

Discrimination of involuntary minorities in day-to-day life is due to their lifelong duration a severe crime. Who can pull it off out of oneself to endure a serious measure of cruelty done to oneself without suppressing the atrocity, to play it down? It needs sturdy human reference, which a lot of autistics lack.

Autistics, being to this days a seriously discriminated minority, are taken ill with the Stockholm-Syndrom, which prevents those single autistics to represent their interests appropriately or to even halfways detect, which injustice they endure. Symptomatic is a conspicuous accumulation of points of view of autistics, according to which everything would be in essence quite fine the way it is. Certainly, everything can be worse. Who is tortured with red-hot iron is relatively well, it could be worse after all. The slave is frightened about the repeal of the slavery, about the uncertainty to leave a accustomed role. Those slaves actually existed, they aren┬┤t a fairy-tale. They as well where taken ill with the later so-called and discribed Stockholm-Syndrom of a rather wide-ranging definition, which as well includes crime-traumas sustained long-term.

Above an active stand up against rights and freedom of barriers for the own minority this sprouts highly absurd flowers, like autistics even justify the murder of other autistics commited by their parents through uttering their sympathy. It┬┤s a tough job to handle "us autistics". This symptoms are as well be found with other people, which are commonly considered to be human waste and just euphemistically are called differently: "the dispossession of awareness revises chatteringly the arguments of the head-master ..." The slave reprimands his fellow slave, who was disobedient towards his Master and Owner and points out, that his punishment of 40 lashes of the whip are wholly justified. Twisted world. Suffering souls.

There has to be an end to it.

Autistics taken ill with the Stockholm-Syndrom can┬┤t take up a responsible activity during their indisposition in the community of interests. We ask for some understanding here. Helping activities they can probably carry out. With the search for an appropriate psychologist the ESH is gladly of assistance anytime.