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Autism - the term

What kind of name is that, actually? Does it suit to describe oneself?

The medically used word „autism“ has its origins in greek, „autos“, wich kann be roughly translated with „self“, „on its own“ or „alone“.

The same root can be found in the terms „autonomy“ (autos = self; nomos = law) and „automobile“ (autos = self; mobilis = movable). „Autonymity“(?) as opposed to „anonymity“ describes the fact to do something using actually the own name (autos = self and onyma =name instead of: an = not and onyma = name). To be „autochton“(?) means to be old- and long-established (autos = direct; chthon = soil/ground, home).

The gift of reflexion can be considered positively. Particularly in a society, whose members often suffer to loose themselves. The term „autism“ in its etymological natur is therefor rather flexible and includes outright spiritual dimensions. A compliment. Just the prevailing stereotype is annoying.

To call oneself an autistic – in principle no problem.

(?) Never heard those words before, meself. My dictionary refused to spit out how to spell them as well ;-) *Your humble translator*