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Autism - the stereotype

A german proverb has it: “Among blind the one-eyed is the king!“ But this proverb is not true: „Among blind the one-eyed will end in a lunatc asylum!“

Heinz von Foerster

Well, an uniform stereotype certainly doesn´t exist, because stereotypes generally don´t go back to a joint root. Nevertheless there is a mighty trend:

Autistics consider only themselves, and in a social-harming way at that. They sponge their community, behaving ruthlessly. Autistics are our common enemy, those who have never even heard about lasting economy. That, in any case, has f.e. to be the autism-impression provided by the Organisation Post-autistischer Ă–konomie, who where not inclined, even after it being pointed out to them, to change their discriminatory name.

"The post-autistic economy is an in the year 2000 in France arised movement of students of economy, who were dissatisfied with the agreed on opinion in the economic field as beeing solipsistic, impractical and unrealistic."

Autism: solipsistic, impractical, unrealistic.

Used in political practice autism is applied to call the opponents unrealistic. In case that someone who isn´t acting quick-tempered can´t be despised as being „emotional“, the autism-stereotype has to be abused.

But: is that the way autistics really are? Who´s interested may continue to read the other pages.

Here and now a so far well hidden secret will be disclosed: Autistics are human beings as anybody else as well.