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Autistics - a minority

Parallel culture with a wide variety of languages and difficulties to understand one another tend, under certain circumstances, to circle each other suspiciously. Variety of languages? Yes, autistics stress owing to their character disposition language quite differently, grant the verbal part of language a greater significance than non-autistics generally do.

Latter communicate preferably through hinting body-signals, the tuning of the voice, etc. Vastly verbal communication (f.e. purely written via internet) appears therefore to be sparse and less attractive. Autistics often tend to have a far more casual respect to their bodys, to consider it to be more like a tool than a part of their person or even themselves.

Essentially for the building of misunderstandings is the cluelessness about existing differences. In some areas of the world a headshake means confirmation and a nod rejection. A member of the minority of autistics who expresses him/herself according to his/her nature mainly verbally, without tensing and moving the body like non-autists prefer to do, most likely leads to the impression of non-autistics, that those signals transport the stirring of emotions.

It follows that amongst non-autistic language an autistic appears to be apathetic, indifferent, weak, depressiv, dead, etc. Few NA will consider the thought, that an autistic just rarely communicates through the body, because NA know, that this bodylanguage is a mighty if subconscious expression of themselves. Hence the large amount of books and courses about bodylanguage. They are not all just bought by autistics, either, but above all by NA who really want to learn how to lie through bodylanguage as well.

That much said it would be, for a NA based on his/her self-consideration, completely out of question to assume a fundamentally different disposition of communication, which is not learned but part of the character of a person. Here the NA-empathy crumbles to dust, which only works, if similarity in their own receptions of the world and those of their fellow humans can be detected. Being a minority autistics are highly restricted to use their natural given empathy. If the majority-ratio were the other way round - who wouldn┬┤t claim that NA instead of autistics would experience themselves to be aliens.

Because a lot of people tend healthyly to jugde themselves including their character to be positiv, based on this very misunderstanding a lot of NA tend, after this unheard of strangeness came to their attention, to feel sorry for it to be an inadequate deviation:

"But sauerkraut with gravy is just so delicious! I┬┤m sooo very sorry that you can┬┤t enjoy it. You must be ill! You can┬┤t imagine what you are missing! Go get some help, why don┬┤t you!"

The arrogance of the majority is known for their tendency to make minorities outcasts. What can be part of mutual pressure of conformity, f.e. in a generation gap, in a self-choosen minority becomes fastly a far-reaching traumatic experience. The pressure of conformity is not aimed against freely choosen convictions but against the own unchangeable so-being, the person itself.

Seemingly the majority needs minorities existentially to define itself and abuses them for this means in a contemptuous way. Alternatively contributive effects of inside and outwardly "Others" are seldom considered to contain ideals, for those ideals just even bring the other-ness to mind.

Such outcasting creates grave damages like the huge costs a war brings on an international level or inhuman circumstances and un-equal opportunities of outcast minorities on a civil level.

While on the other hand outcasting of this kind doesn┬┤t fit with the christian roots of our modern ethics a lot of money is meanwhile spent to undo the effects of outcasting. But because a lot of members of majorities as well as the amongst each other unfamiliar minorities consider discrimination very common indeed and just don┬┤t notice it any more, something very surprising happens:

Those through in many cases inefficient structures and corruption still increased costs to at least partially undo outcasting are considered basically to be taken responsebility of through the minorities themselves. The costs which arise for the police are thrown at the victims: "Why did you get yourself beaten up and so cause an expensive proceeding". This weird logic only works, if an arrogant majority is sure enough to be unaffected and hence without further disturbance of their ego can freeze their empathy as far as minorities are concerned.