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Autistics - nothing else

waffle, not just a few reader may think. Too obvious seems the impression of diverse disabilities of autistics. Too less known is the fact, that autistics amongst themselves indeed feel empathy and are able to sensetively communicate in a certain way with each other, wich NA themselves at least partially can┬┤t grip. That, which the majority doesn┬┤t see, doesn┬┤t feel, is impossible to be considered. The involuntary minority without an own, strong culture however aims itself against its disposition and therefore against its health, hence seems to be, mistakenly, rarely viable under such adverse circumstances. It is lost in an alien surrounding, often exposed to just different parents or friends, whose partial affection is interwoven with continuous discrimination, who aren┬┤t willing or able to just basically summon the necessary measure to come close to an understanding. What┬┤s left is mutual disconcertment, which wears down the minority and contribute to the impression of the majority, the minority wouldn┬┤t be viable without support. Without a trace of a doubt the standard created by the majority is accepted and forgotten, that a minority, given the part of a dominant culture, certainly would have considered its own needs, which is why obstacles and hindrances of the daily life are in fact due to the minorityrole, not to their qualities, which includes strong points and weak spots proportionally to the majority.