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Autistics - integration

Integration with two sides:

  1. A coloured person can┬┤t get no job because of his colour. Therefore he is put into an "Administration" to integrate. He is taught there, by people who are mainly convinced of the inferiority of his race, to use white make-up to better blend in. Doing as he┬┤s been told, he gets the job to clean the toilets. His cause will serve as an example to demonstrate successful integration to further participants of similar courses.
  2. A coloured person can┬┤t get no job because of his colour. Therefore an "Assistant for integration" is allocated to him, who helps him to stand up against illegal discrimination. The assistant spots such discriminations in a number of companies and sends documentations about it to the responsible antidiscrimination-department, which can impose a fine. This way he finally gets a job as a product-designer.

For most people the first version sounds absurd, assumedly. If suchlike came to happen, the outcry would be considerable, probably.

For autistics, version 1 is to this day normality, though.

But the basic law states:

Art. 3


(3)No-one must, owing to his gender, origins, race, language, home and homeland, believes, religious or political convictions, being put to a disadvantage nor favoured.